Leadership psychodynamics for project managers

Leadership is the skill identified as the most important when it comes to successfully managing projects.

How would it change things for you, if within 90 minutes you could be more equipped than you have ever been to confidently and effectively lead others?

What if you could cut through all the clutter and complexity by having a playbook that dramatically changes the landscape for you, shifts the results you get, and forever alters the way you go about things?

Evolving the way you go about leading people


Get the blueprint and playbook that helps you tap into the complex human dynamic realm

Cut through the clutter and noise.

Stop wasting time, energy, and effort by trying to get a handle on intricate models when the pressure is high. An easy-to-use playbook grounded in success principles must be your go-to option to navigate you and your team through any scenario.

Equip yourself with the fundamentals that unleash your leadership potential

Steve Vanstraaten’s Leadership Psychodynamics program equips you with the fundamentals to manage the complexity and volatility of the human dynamic and reduce the complexity of leading others.

Complexity. Volatility. Pressure

With all the pressure you are under, there are simply too many theories and models that only serve to cloud your leadership situation.

3,000+ Touchpoints

A leader has more than 3,000 mind-numbing “Touchpoints” to deal with at any time. This is overload.

Reduce this to 5 focal points

The leadership psychodynamic blueprint reduces this complexity to 5 manageable focus points that you need to work with.

A leadership playbook in your hands

A guideline in those pressure moments

When we find ourselves in a scenario where the stakes are high, where the pressures can be overwhelming, and where the stress is intense.

Where we have no choice but to lean in and press through because we have to accomplish the end game.
In these scenarios, what is the strongest desire we have, or the most valuable thing we want in our hands?

The answer is a map, a guidebook, a set of instructions, or anything that can give us clarity. Something that can help us quickly remove the confusion and uncertainty, and give us the confidence that we can effectively navigate our way through the scenario.

“Leadership psychodynamics. A bold and practical departure from the mainstream approach”

Everything you need to effectively lead others in one model

Understand what drives people

Learn to manage expectations

Build peak human performance

A Leadership Blueprint

A Playbook

Evolve the way you look at leading.
Totally transform how you go about it.

What is the leadership psychodynamics model?

Whether you are just stepping into that leader role, or whether you have been there for a while, it is a daunting space filled with human dynamic pressures that few are equipped to deal with.

With all the leadership theories and models that abound, combined with the pressures a leader must face, it becomes clear why so many struggle to make sense of this leadership craft, and why so many fail at it, or burn out from the strain.

The Leadership Psychodynamics Model reduces the complexity by bringing your focus to the fundamentals that underpin the human dynamic, and equips you with five focus areas that help you leverage and manage the broader complexity.

What people are saying about the Leadership Psychodynamic Model

‘This is not just another ordinary management model. It is something very powerful, but packaged in an easy to use way. This method is how you get to quickly and effectively lead with confidence in almost any situation.’

Dr. Hannelie Nel

Managing director, Tennelli Industries

‘If you want to “lead” expectations across the board, then this is the model to equip you, your team and organisation for greater results.’

Dr. Andre Venter

Senior FIDIC support manager, WSP – Parsons Brinckerhoff

‘What more can I say about the Leadership Blueprint. It is valuable, highly relevant and focused. If you are totally involved with the course, it will change your life and leadership style.’

Colonel Quinton Cartwright

‘The leadership psychodynamics model provides a great explanation of the human psyche and how to navigate the complex world of differing personality types. The playbook is a fantastic tool to have by my side on a daily basis to work through various situations.’

Teresa De Pradines

Tennis Australia

Equip yourself and your team for success

Featured leadership programs

The Leadership Psychodynamics programs are designed to help you master the leadership craft.
These programs can be taken online, as a blended model, or a live course.


The Leadership Psychodynamics Program

This is the foundational program for the leadership psychodynamics model.

Here you will learn about the model, the blueprint and playbook, and how the 5 power domains work in your favour to be levers that manage the vast complexity within leading.

The leadership blueprint will rapidly equip you to lead more effectively and confidently. Within a day you will change how you look at leadership, and how you go about leading others.

About Leadership Psychodynamics >>

The 2-part program structure

We know that the pace of life and your profession is fast and over-subscribed.

This is why we have designed the Leadership Psychodynamics Program as a two-part program.

The Rapid Uptake Module is designed to get you up and running within 90 minutes. If this is all the time you can afford, then this is the program module for you.

If you are wanting to move closer to mastery of the leadership psychodynamics model and gain a deeper understanding of how the leadership realm works, then you can follow up from the Rapid Uptake module.


Leadership Psychodynamics
for Project Leaders

You are already equipped to manage the processes of a project. Now it’s time to shift a gear and equip yourself with the next level – being a project leader.

This program is built on the backbone of the Leadership Psychodynamics foundational program.


Portfolio, program & project management

More than 30 years experience within the project management space across multiple industry sectors and countries.

A bold track record of establishing PMO’s for multinational corporations, managing multi-billion portfolios, programs and projects.

The Berkley team has a vast cross-section of experience within the project management space that ranges from being able to assist you in troubleshooting projects, set up PMO’s, or even staff experienced and certified project managers to help you out.


Leadership DNA

The new economy demands agility and flexibility. With the advent of the disruptive Industry 4 upon us, this ability to be agile and adaptive will be something that every member in an organisation has to be able to manage.

This means that the old order of hierarchical command-and-control management is ill suited to the new demands, and requires leadership not only at the top and mid levels, but across all levels of the organisation.


Innovation leadership program




One of our strengths is to help you evaluate the leadership culture of your organisation and make recommendation to how you can improve your leadership DNA and culture.

Workshop facilitation

Whenever a new team is formed the process of forming, storming, norming and performing exists. An experienced Berkley facilitator will help you quickly align all players on your team.


We know that it is a busy world out there and that every minute counts. That is why we help you roll out and implement a leadership DNA program for your organisation.


One of the things we have experienced is that once most people have completed a training course and returned to the frenetic busyness and pressure of the business day, under pressure they default to their old habits and fail to actively use their new skills.

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