Reduces the complexity

Breaks down the complex psychodynamic elements involved in leading others

1 simplified interface

Condenses the key fundamentals
into one simplified and easy to use interface

Confidence & effectiveness

In your hands it becomes a model for confident and effective leadership

An alarming percentage of those in management positions are not equipped to lead others.

You don’t have to be one of them.

The Leadership Blueprint is unlike anything you will have seen before.
It will change your perspective on leading. Change your ability to lead. And totally transform how you go about it.

2 key uses of the blueprint


Use the Blueprint as a diagnostic for ongoing alignment status and to effectively manage any flash-points that arise. Evaluate the psychodynamic health of a team or organisation. Then use the model to identify the change-point and make adjustments in the right areas to achieve ongoing alignment.


Use the Blueprint at the start of any new venture, project or team setup. When you use the Blueprint, it will help set you and your team up for a better chance of success right out the starting blocks. The Blueprint comprises all the key elements required for team alignment – why would you not start out with the right model.

What people are saying about the Leadership Blueprint


This is not just another ordinary management course. It is something very powerful, but packaged in an easy to use way. This method is how you get to quickly and effectively lead with confidence in almost any situation.

Dr. Hannelie Nel

Managing director, Tennelli Industries

If you want to “lead” expectations across the board, then this is the course to equip you, your team and organisation for greater results.

Dr. Andre Venter

Senior FIDIC support manager, WSP – Parsons Brinckerhoff

What more can I say about the Leadership Blueprint. It is valuable, highly relevant and focussed. If you are totally involved with the course, it will change your life and leadership style.

Colonel Quinton Cartwright

Foundational Courses & Programs

Enhancement Programs

What is Expectational Leadership



Achieve a high-performance culture through leadership DNA

Building leadership into the genetic code of the organization is the ultimate competitive advantage

The biggest challenge any organization has is the collection of ever-changing expectations, internally and external to the organisation. An aligned organisation has more harmony and less conflict.

It has less fragmentation, less silo’s, more common focus, common and aligned efforts, greater efficiency and higher effectiveness. Leaders, whether natural or trained, have the ability to align stakeholders.

Using the EXP Blueprint gives the organisation a genetic code that aligns, equips and supports the organisation to lead at all levels.



One of our strengths is to help you evaluate the leadership culture of your organisation and make recommendation to how you can improve your leadership DNA and culture.

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Workshop facilitation

Whenever a new team is formed the process of forming, storming, norming and performing exists. An experienced Berkley facilitator will help you quickly align all players on your team.

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Simulation Programs

One of the things we have experienced is that once most people have completed a training course and returned to the frenetic busyness and pressure of the business day, under pressure they default to their old habits and fail to actively use their new skills.

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