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Our experience has taught us that what people have learned is very often not effectively translated into the business in a way that translates into an effective return on the time and funds invested. A large cause of this is that under pressure, we all lean towards the comfort of our existing dominant habits, and therefore continue in the vain we always have.

This is the reason why Berkley has established its consulting, workshop hand-holding and coaching services. It is our way of partnering with you to get the most out of what you are striving to achieve. While you get on with your core business activities, we are able to help you seamlessly transition to where you want to be. Contact us to see how we can work together to move you to the next level of high-performance capability.



Leading can be a lonely road, and in the extreme moments running alone is not the best strategy. It is at these times that you need a trusted muse, confidant and coach to lean on. No matter what your situation or scenario, our team is equipped and able to sit with you to provide support in whatever format is required.

  • Is there a lack of team cohesions, alignment, synchronicity?
  • Are some of your team talented people but struggling to lead others?
  • Are there problems you are experiencing but cannot find the cause or answers?



Sometimes a helping hand is what is needed to help your new teams or leaders to transition through the early stages of establishing a new team or starting a new project with a new team. Our workshops are tailored to your specific needs and always done with coaching and guiding your leaders through the tough patches and onto building increasing confidence.
As part of the “simulation” program, general leadership workshops are held on a regular basis. See the Events page for more details.

Leadership DNA

Leadership DNA implementation and facilitation

We know that it is a busy world out there and that every minute counts. That is why we have developed a program with our skilled to team to help you roll out and implement a leadership DNA program for your organisation.
At the very heart of what we do at Berkley sits the desire to see organisations become leadership-centric. Where you have the ability as an organisation to run on a culture that has a strong leadership DNA thread.

INn-House Program’s


All of our courses are available to be run in-house, and tailored to your specific requirements

We are always happy to tailor courses and combine modules from different programmes. We do whatever it takes to ensure that your course does exactly what you need it to.