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The Berkley Story

Who we are

Everything we do centres around training up, equipping and empowering leaders across all levels no matter their position, title or status. Our passion is rooted in the need to unlock the latent leadership in everyone and drive a shift toward leadership being a DNA that spans across all layers of an organisation.

The Berkley Institute was founded by Steve Vanstraaten to focus on leadership that has a central Blueprint to be used by all, and which is driven by the powerful force of expectations. The institute embraces the mandate to constantly research the latest trends, adapt the leadership realm, and to create a shift towards excellence in leadership.

Why Berkley

Why Berkley

We can make a real difference to you as an individual, and your organisation, whether you are a multi-national company, a growing SME or a small start-up.

The Expectational Leadership Model is at the core of our programmes, and departs from the traditional management approach. It is how we transition individuals and organisations into a leadership mindset that is easy to grasp, implement and use.

With our expertise gleaned across multiple industries and communities, we can deliver tailored solutions, customised executive education, and provide access to our experts and growing alumni.

Why what we do is so different



We are innovative thinkers who challenge the mainstream thinking and prevailing models to forge better leadership models



Our Leadership Blueprint is a unique guideline that rapidly equips individuals for effective and confident leadership



We are constantly interfacing with specialists dealing with the impact on Industry 4 so we can equip and future-proof your career and business



Berkley is on a mission to turn the old archaic models and methods of management on its head and spearhead an evolution of leadership in its place

With strategic alliances, Berkley is researching the changes, challenges and opportunities presented by Industry 4. Special focus is on the face of leadership in the age of Industry 4 and in particular the effects of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Internet of Things and Data Analytics and the challenges these present to the current and future leaders.

It does not matter whether you are an experienced leader or manager, an emerging leader, or someone who wants to improve how they interact with others, Berkley Institute has developed a number of leadership courses that are designed to train up and equip leaders at any level of experience or aspiration.

As an individual, when you begin to use this unique model of leadership, you will be able to apply the model in your situations with immediate results.

As an organisation, the difference in your managers, as well as within your teams, overall culture, and benefits to internal and external stakeholders will quickly become apparent.

To ensure that we can help you achieve maximum benefit, Berkley provides tailored solutions that are industry and discipline specific, such as project leadership, leadership for engineers, leadership for technology developers, or accountants.

“This is not just another ordinary management course. It’s not even just another leadership course. It is something that is very powerful, but packaged in an easy to use way. This method is how you get to quickly, and effectively lead with confidence.”


Dr. Hannelie Nel

Managing Director, Tenelli Industries

What we do

What we do

It’s time to take that next, transformative step to accelerate the trajectory of your career and your organization. Competition in the marketplace is fierce. Getting to the top takes firm intention and a dedicated plan.

What you need is to immerse yourself in an intellectually rigorous environment where you move beyond relying primarily on business acumen, management methods, innovation capability, and value creation only. Bold, confident and capable leadership will be the differentiator in the new complex, volatile and unpredictable conditions.

WSkills for leadership have changed. Understanding how you can influence others and effect real and sometimes disruptive change – this is how you claim your stake. This is leadership by design.

Equipping confident leaders


The ELP blends coursework, coaching, experiential learning and reinforcement to ensure you are confidently equipped to operate at peak performance in any situation.



More than business acumen, the ELP delivers unique opportunities to strengthen individual talents by challenging preconceived limits and mental models. ELP is focussed on creating leaders at all levels and to establish a new collective leadership DNA.



Become part of a network of peers.

The benefits of being part of the Berkley alumni or a fellow of the institute

After completion of the EXP Leadership Programme you will become part of the alumni. Together with faculty, coaches and mentors, and peers, they will become part of your executive network.

These are relationships that can last a lifetime and even provide a lifeline when you are facing tough situations.


The Berkley Affiliates

Our aim is to provide you with the latest and most innovative approaches that can make an immediate impact in your world. That is why at Berkley Institute we draw on the knowledge, expertise and experience from our diversified team and group of affiliates.

Our regular think tank sessions focus on challenging the status quo, not for the sake of doing so, but to squeeze every new idea from all angles until we are certain that what we present to you has a solid academic and practical application grounding.