Without a solid foundation, set of basics, proven guideline or a blueprint in any endeavor, you are left with speculation or following the examples around you. What if these are flawed and you build everything you do on something that has defective or counter-productive foundations?


As someone who has to lead others, confidence is vital. Confidence in yourself, and the confidence others have in you. This will come from embracing and applying solidly grounded leadership basics. A guiding model that centers, aligns and focuses you and your team in any scenario.


As a leader, a blueprint equips you with the foundational building blocks and approach to follow that will help you to efficiently, effectively and confidently lead others.

A blueprint anchors you. It will provide you with a solid grounding in any situation and allow you to focus on using your natural abilities without having to speculate on what the basics are

Under pressure it equips you with a solid reference framework and a checklist to ensure that you stay with the basics and help you avoid straying off the proven path

It has repeatability; a means to pay-it-forward and build a culture of leadership. A blueprint places in your hands the means to equip your team to take their leadership position. One of the key traits of a leader is raising up the leader in others, and when equipped with a blueprint, reproducing the basics that lead to success becomes easy.

Management Progression Path

Years are spent studying, applying and honing technical or vocational skills …


Then the promotion transition happens into a management position


Very few people are trained or equipped to take on the management position


Few are formally trained in management methods, techniques, frameworks and tools


Even less are formally trained in the leadership side of these management positions


The result is a largely panic driven scenario that fuels desperate attempts to make sense of it all, while using a flawed reference in other managers who all suffered the same transition fate.


“Management” is not leadership – it is a function


Leadership is about people and this is where the core focus needs to be when grooming new leaders.


Management has its place in the leader’s tool kit, but it is not the only tool in the box

There is a failure in the existing path for managers & leaders

Where do you start from as a leader?

What is your guideline or playbook that centers how you go about it?


The first part of deconstructing the enigma is to realise that there is a problem in the existing path to becoming a leader.

As you transition from the vocation you were formally trained in, and into a role that you have no training or equipping in, you will find that there is much out there on leadership, but not much that serves as a solid starting point and an anchor to ground you as you move forward.

Millennial Leadership Challenge


Millennials are rapidly becoming the leaders of today, but many are not prepared.


“Many potential leaders fail to unlock their latent abilities and in the process become average or mediocre managers. This is largely a failure of the management models that abound. It is also an indicator that a rapid blueprint is not easily forthcoming, something that serves as a guide to seamlessly help leaders to transition from their technical skills, to the skills required to navigate the complex world of leading others.”



“If you could deconstruct the enigma that is leadership,
and map it as a blueprint that will become a playbook in your hands,
what would that blueprint look like?”

This is how we see it. Leadership is the ability to align different, disparate and conflicting expectations, and move them to a destination (a common, objective, goal or vision)


But what are expectations, and how do you go about aligning them?

[Look at the 4 building blocks below]



All vocational areas and skills have a set of basic building blocks or rules that they follow in order to be successful. When it comes to leadership, these basic building blocks, or blueprint, are not readily available.

At the core of expectation alignment is the cluster of 4 building blocks that are always in the mix



This is the expectational realm, the place where five of the most powerful dimensions in our lives continually interact with one another. It is where we constantly search for the answer to “what’s in it for me”, and where we align with something or move away from it.

It is where our emotions, worldview, behaviors and the value we attach to everything exists. This is everyone’s headspace, where expectations get their life, and where alignment takes place or not.



All those management theories, methods, and tools you know about, have studied, or are going to learn – this is where they find their true usage. In this domain you will find the essential components required to keep the Psyche domain balanced. It is here that you will find the formula to set things up for success from the outset; but it is also the place where you can determine what is causing the Psyche domain to be out of balance, or out of alignment.



Everything can be used for good or evil. It all depends on this domain. You will either subscribe, or not, to the guiding beliefs or ideals of an individual or group. If your ethos does not align to that of the group, team, organization, company or anything else, then alignment will not take place. This is a space that is purely between you and yourself – but it is susceptible to manipulation by others.



This is the team domain where alignment is essential. Here you manage expectations internal to the team and external. It is the space where we find our meaning in what we do and where we come together in the melting pot that is the domains of Psyche, Logic, and Ethos. This collective space has a direct bearing back on all three of the other building blocks. It is where you live and see the heartbeat, and where you will experience the harmony and balance, or the opposite. This is also where everyone needs to lead.


This is what the blueprint gives you



Every successful athlete, artist, performer, engineer, doctor knows the importance of the basics, and doing them right. It is no different for any leader. The basics give you your solid grounding and center you regardless of changing scenarios.

Management is only one small subset of the basics. Leadership has its own set of basics that you need to know about.



Building blocks are the collection of the right ingredients or components required for success. The order they are used in and how they inter-relate are of equal importance.

When you come to understand what is in play within the leadership realm, and how all the key facets that are the building blocks interact and work together; then you will be properly equipped to begin your journey as a leader of others.



We are all unique with our own strengths and dominant characteristics that shape how we go about things. As a leader this applies to you. Every playbook, no matter how it is developed to suit the individual, is always anchored on the basics. However, each playbook needs to be shaped for the individual in order to extract the maximum efficiency, effectiveness and results.
Built on the basic building blocks, you will be able to develop your personal leadership playbook.

2 key uses of the blueprint



To be used to diagnose the psychological health of a team or organisation, and then use the model to identify the root causes of the problem the leader needs to rectify.


To be used at the outset of any new venture or project to set up for a better chance of success right out the starting blocks.

Begin your EXP Leadership evolution

60 minutes icon-2

60 minutes
to change your perspective on leadership

Contained within the first part of the Program is 60 minutes of information that will challenge your perspective on leadership. It will test the norm and prevailing conventions, and it will give you the building blocks to rapidly change how you lead and the results you get. It will also place in your hands a model that challenges and changes how you go about leading your own life.

6 hours icon-2

6 hours
that will change your ability to lead

It takes 6 hours to move you onto changing your ability to lead others. Within this time you will have in your hands a blueprint and a playbook to use that will make you a more confident and effective leader in almost any situation. You will immediately be able to apply this to your current scenarios and even be able to evaluate the health status of your current team and identify where to make a change that will shift you in the right direction.

24 hours icon-2

24 hours
to totally transform how you go about it

The full completion of the Leadership Blueprint Program should take an investment of 24 hours of your time. It will transform how you go about leading by building on the basic building blocks you have learned, and equipping you to the next level of leading others. It will also have equipped you to effectively begin with the Leadership Simulations that will keep you on top of your game.

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